I’m a food service establishment (FSE)

Here at ECAS, we’ve extensive experience working with thousands of food service establishments – making sure they’re running their business in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, their customers or their livelihood.

In our experience, FSE’s know they have a duty of care to keep on top of environmental compliance – but often, they find it intensely laborious and time-sapping. So, our job is to make things easy for them, to solve problems, educate, and ultimately help them to stay fully compliant.

One specialism we offer, is helping food service establishments to correctly dispose of fats, oils and grease (FOG). If FOG goes down sinks and drains it can accumulate into congealed lumps (fatbergs), that can block pipes and clog up the water network. This can then lead to sewer flooding and pollution. And when the worst happens, sewer floods can disrupt business and cause irreparable damage to buildings – meaning businesses lose trade, and sometimes harm is caused to the environment. FOG related problems cost businesses around £100m each year in the UK alone.

Not only do we offer FSE’s advice on how to proactively prevent FOG related problems – we also respond to situations where FOG has already caused a disruption.

We help FSE’s by doing an initial audit of food premises, providing recommendations, delivering training on processes, giving advice on what equipment to use and install – plus, ongoing guidance on how to remain FOG compliant.

Our people are 100% comfortable working in restaurants, cafes, take-aways etc – whether it’s showcasing fat traps, performing audits, or simply helping businesses to get to the root cause of FOG problems.

Our success lies in our ability to offer food businesses expert and comprehensive advice, combined with practical solutions – working with organisations, not against them.

As well as smaller, independent FSE’s, we’ve also worked with big names like: JD Wetherspoon, Yo Sushi, Greene King, Welcome Break, Asda, Marston’s, Roadchef, Sainsbury’s, Moto, Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonald’s – engaging them around FOG awareness.

In addition to FOG consultancy and compliance, we also provide in depth auditing of kitchen extraction fans, making sure buildings are safe and food outlets are adhering to policy and compliance regulations.